Reds Try To Aviod 10 Game losing skid


A pretty Good article from Fox Sports Ohio  Reds lose 9th Straight game

A Johnny Cueto Update!!


Colorado Rockies

Cincinnati Reds

Game Notes:

RHP Michael Lorenzen (1-1, 3.79)

Radio: 700 wlw

TV: fso

Game Time: 7:10

 Pitching Notes: Via The Reds Game Notes
Rank 13th in the National League in team ERA (4.36)…during this active 9-game losingstreak have posted a 6.51era
(76ip, 55er).

Feel Good Story: Josh Hamilton of the Texas Rangers makes his return!!

New Rockies Lineup 


Gonzalez was scratched due to illness!!

Also Reds placed Devin Mesoraco on the Disabled List ( left hip ) retro to thursday, recalled Pitcher Manny Parra from the disabled list ( strained neck ).

Now on to make a new scorecard, that’s why it’s always a plus if you keep score in pencil. 

Stat of the day 


May 25th scorecard 


May 25th Reds vs Rockies

Colorado lineup  


Cincinnati lineup  

I will be hosting a scoring 101 today on twitter during the game. You can follow me on twitter @mrbaseballman.

Main thing to remember owhen keeping score is use position numbers. 

Pitcher: 1

Catcher: 2

First base: 3

Second base: 4

Third base: 5

Short stop: 6

Left Field: 7

Center Field: 8

Right Field: 9
Great article on Reds recent woes by Lance

April 27 Reds at Milwaukee

Reds Lineup

Brewers Lineup

Game Notes:

Reds Notes 4-18

Reds Lineup (5-5)
Hamilton CF
Votto 1B
Frazier 3B
Phillips 2B
Bruce RF
Byrd LF
Pena C
Cozart SS
Bailey (RHP)

Reds at St. Louis April 17

Reds Line Up

St. Louis Line Up

Pitching Duties:

Reds: Cueto (0-1,0.64)
STL: Wacha (1-0,1.42 )

Reds News

Notes: St. Louis is not kind to The Reds. They are 1-20-1 in their last 22 series in St. Louis. Also Homer Bailey will make his first start of the season.

New Season of Baseball ScoreKeeping

Tonight i will show you how to keep score!!

First then you need is a pen or pencil..

second is a score card. Which one can be found in the game note section of the mlb pressbox website.

The Position Numbers

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 7.19.41 PM

1: Pitcher

2: Catcher

3: First Base

4: Second Base

5: Third Base

6: Short Stop

7: Left Field

8: Center Field

9: Right Field

In baseball you keep score by numbers. For example if the batter hits it to the second baseman and the second baseman throws the runner out at first, it would be a 4-3 put on the scorecard under that batter. If you are on twitter i will be live tweeting the Reds/Cubs tonight, so you can follow along as I keep score.

First Thing I do is, I fill out the scorecard when the lineup is posted on various social media outlets. ( I Usually use twitter for this since i follow all 30 baseball clubs ).

Tonight’s Lineups look like this


CF: Hamilton

1B: Votto

3B: Frazier

2B: Phillips

LF: Byrd

RF: Bruce

C:  Pena

SS: Cozart

1 or P: Marquis


CF: Fowler

1B: Rizzo

RF: Soler

C:  Montero

LF: Coghlan

SS: Castro

2B: Alcantaia

LHP: Wood

3B: Herrera

New Season

It’s be a while since i have posted on here, life and college got in the way. I did get married and moved in September. Now I’am getting used to the good ol’ college life. I’am majoring in broadcasting and communications. So i will keep up this blog up and running for that sake. Now a few things about the Reds upcoming season and a few news to note.

1.) The wife and I became season ticket holder’s this year. ( we purchased a 20 game weekend plan )

so this year, the blog will be focused on mainly the games we attend at Great American BallPark and Clippers Stadium ( Columbus Clippers ).

I be writing about the overall game and take lot’s of pictures. I will also write about various topics through out the season. The last thing i will write about Reds Home Promotional games. Each Sunday i will give a detailed post about what promotional games that are upcoming that week.

Today’s New’s

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 9.04.20 PM

Mat Lato’s ( Marlins Pitcher ) did a interview with national baseball writer Ken Rosenthal. Let’s just say he was to kind in his words during his interview with Ken. You can read the interview HERE .

A Few quotes that I found interesting were..

You look at the Reds after we lost Bronson (Arroyo, after the 2013 season). Everything went to s—. You look at it after we lost Scott Rolen (after 2012). Everything went to s—. When Scott was there, we had guys doing exactly what they were supposed to do. After Scott left, we had guys with two years in the big leagues, in the clubhouse, on their phones, laying down in the video room, just hanging out during games, not in the dugout, not cheering their teammates on. Our dugout looked like a ghost town.

After Bronson, the same exact thing. We had starters in there roping our (clubhouse attendants), like, cattle-roping our clubbies. Guys on their computers, buying stuff, hanging out in the clubhouse. We had a guy with a year-and-a-half in the big leagues wandering around the clubhouse, hanging out. We had a closer in there sleeping until the seventh inning. We lose that veteran leadership, that’s what happens. You can’t have that … it turns into a circus.

( That was taken right from the article ) Source:

Below is what #Reds had to say about the fiasco

From C. Trent via the enquirer Reds comments on Latos

I think the Reds will move on this and Just win, I do think that this will light a fire in lot of the player’s. Mat should have kept his mouth shut, if he had a problem with Reds he didn’t step up and say anything while he was here. It will be interesting in June when the Marlins come to Cincinnati. I believe that I have tickets to, two of those game’s.

Until next time,

Richie D.

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